Explode Your Revenue with Social Revenue Advertising
With over 2 billion people now using social media, the opportunities have never been greater to leverage social media marketing as a tool to grow your revenues and maximize your advertising spend. Learn how we can take care of your social media needs and get you back to doing what it is you do best!
Social Revenue is a full-service ads agency that works with brands, inspired companies and influencers who see the future and value of social media marketing. Our core activities are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life into your story, to platform management that promotes engagement and campaigns that drive customer action. Whether you're just starting out or looking to revolutionize your brand, Social Revenue can help.
Facebook Ads.
Still struggling to get conversions with your Facebook Ads? Not entirely sure what you're doing or how to leverage the platform correctly? No problem at all! We will setup, test, optimize and manage your campaigns. That way you can go back to doing what it is you do best (which probably isn't social media marketing). 
Influencer Marketing.
Influencers provide an authentic voice to tell your story and help gain awareness for your brand. We are able to identify influencers who work best for your brand and we take care of the hassle of reaching out to influencers. We connect with them to provide content and social media testimonials for your brand.
Social Media Management.
Social media is the greatest way to create meaningful connections. We build a strategy custom to your audience. We want to give each post purpose so that your audience will engage with it. 

At Social Revenue, you receive real time social media management and optimization services to grow your brand fast. By providing the right amount of content you keep your fans engaged and loyal. Growing your followers naturally boosts sales and traffic to your website.
Who is social revenue?
We grow brands and stores through social media marketing and management.
We help build brands and businesses by executing activities that are actionable, repeatable, scalable and sustainable. Learn more about how we can help build your brand today...
You didn't start your business to become a social media expert. You entered into business to provide quality products to your customers. 

With Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube, Google and everything else, where do you start and where does it end? Most importantly, which ones do we need to use to reach our specific goals and objectives?

There's no "One-Size-Fits-All," when it comes to social media marketing. What might work for one business might not work for another. You need a tailored marketing strategy with realistic and measurable goals. There is, however, a "One Stop Shop" for all things social media marketing - and you've come to the right place.

Results are our number one priority for all our clients. As we work with only a handful of clients at a time, we see our clients as a family and we communicate with them in such a fashion. 

Being honest, upfront and realistic with our clients (even at our own expense) is at the heart of our business. We will celebrate the wins with you but will also never shy away from breaking the bad news to you either. 

We are here to help and are at your service.
Small but Powerful.
While we may not yet have the presence of a major marketing firm in NYC, we see this as a strength and not a weakness. Most agencies will charge outrageous set-up fees and force you to sign 6-12 month contracts with no guarantee of success. At Social Revenue, providing upfront value is at the core of our beliefs. Here you will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. The way we see it you have three options. (1) Take the strategy to another firm, (2) Attempt to do it yourself or (3) Have us execute the plan for you.
Case studies
$68,142.55 in 1 Day
Recently on June 11, 2018 we were able to generate over $68,000 for one of our clients in ONE day! 
Once we started getting him results, he couldn't stop putting more money into his advertisements. 
4.5X+ Return on Ad Spend
At Social Revenue we have one thing in mind: ROI. While most agencies will flaunt the number of website visitors... with us it's all about making a profit... and a lot of it! 
1326% Increase in Sales
This is a perfect example that your life can literally change over night. Take a look at the screenshot and guess what day we started working!
founders/Account executives
Tyler D. Martin
Tyler was a featured speaker alongside Russell Brunson & Ezra Firestone at EcommCon 2017. He is a Facebook Ads expert and has built his own 7-figure Shopify Store as well as a 6 figure Amazon Storefront.
Eric M. Christiansen
Eric is a Facebook Ads expert responsible for generating well over 7 figures advertising physical products and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook with his personal business as well.
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